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sweet sled seats!

Customize the seat on your sled to make it more comfortable AND add some cool storage while you're at it! Hmmm...did anyone else notice that the storage is empty? Last I checked it held 7 beer handily.


seat modifications

If you're happy with the style of what you've got but it just needs fine tuning, modifications can be made to your existing seat and skin.  This seat is off a 2010 Shadow RS - while the owner likes the look of it, she has trouble with pain in her tailbone and her sitting bones.  To watch the seat mod videos and see more photos, click here!


we build seats for bums!

At Seat Dynamix we understand that the comfort of your ride is largely dependent on the dynamics of the torso, the shape of the seat, and how it supports the rest of the riders body.
With 30 years of experience in upholstery, Seat Dynamix can custom shape any seat pan to match your ideas. We custom build driver back rest storage/coolers.


Ever wondered why you hurt so bad the day after a big ride? Could be that your seat doesn't fit your body.

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RELAX! It's just a bunch of motorcycle related pictures, parts, and anything else that catches Rev's eye along the way. Watch out...he just got a smartphone and will be learning how to use it!

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Got a sled seat that just doesn't fit you? We can customize it to look and feel the way you want.

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